Storage and Maintenance

The absolute best new purpose-built Classic Car, Hypercar and Supercar storage facility near Stansted Airport supported by a wide range of professional services including Private Collection Management, Professional Detail, and Transportation to London and Worldwide.

“Once purchased, let us take care of your storage and yearly management.”

Our extensive Workshop and Detailing Studio facilities are now supported by a new Storage Facility. With extensive experience in storing and managing your Classic Cars, Super Cars and Hyper Cars for worldwide clients, and maintenance support from service to a full professional detail.


“Storage facilities with a wide range of options sympathetic to Classic, Super or Hyper car’s needs, and those of the client.”


Storage For Cars

Private Collection Management

Our team of passionate, marque specialist professionals are able to draw on a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to take away the worry of ownership to provide support for yearly maintenance services, MOT’s and can even support you if you decide to sell or purchase further vehicles.

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Lux Sportscars Storage Service Options are individually designed to the car's and client's needs on Classic Cars, Hypercars and Supercars:

SERVICE 1- Storage

Designed for your car's needs in a purpose built storage facility

SERVICE 2 - Storage Management

Designed to your requirements from covering your pride and joy, battery management to running up to operating temperature and rolling to keep brakes from ceasing.

SERVICE 3 - Private Collection Management

Designed to enhance your ownership by taking away the worry of yearly maintenance and tailored to your and your car's needs.

SERVICE 4 - Transportation

Designed to provide the ease of access to your vehicle worldwide.

SERVICE 5 - Detailing

Designed to enhance your investment and a part often neglected as a yearly maintenance or preparation and a service provided by our LuxDetailing team.