Detailing and Concours Preparation

Detailing and Concours D’Elegance Preparation of your Classic and Sports Car with ongoing maintenance is paramount to retaining and enhancing its value. Once restored or newly acquired, let LuxDetailing take care of the small detail to perfection for your yearly detailing schedules, support you at Concours D’Elegance events, or simply to enhance.

“Perfection is no small thing, but small things make Perfection”
– W. O. Bentley

Our extensive workshop facilities are supported by a new Detailing Studio at LuxDetailing to prepare your vehicle to the highest of standards, backed up by our extensive Concours D’Elegance preparation of Classic Cars, Super Cars and Hyper Cars, and supported to grace events like:

 Festival of Speed – The Cartier Style Et Luxe
Saloon Prive – Chubb Insurance Concours D’Elegance
City Concours D’Elegance – HAC London
Concours of Elegance – Hampton Court Palace
Warren Classics – Concours D’Elegance
Brooklands Double Twelve – Concours D’Elegance

“Detailing is all about choices – individual decisions influenced by expert advice, an eye for detail, history and an artistic appreciation of form and design to achieve perfection.”


Detailing and Concours Preparation

Our team of passionate, marque specialist detailers are able to draw on a wealth of traditional skills and knowledge, obtaining the best out of any car and prepare for concours events.

Quality of finish is paramount to us. The use of industry-leading paint technology always ensures a stunning finish, but even factory-applied processes have their limitation. LuxDetailing can enhance to exceptional levels of quality.

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LuxDetailing Service Options are individually designed to Classic Cars and Supercars:

PROCESS 1- Protection Detail

Designed to freshen up the appearance of your Classic, Supercar or Hypercar and part of the maintenance schedule which should be done after Enhancement or Correction Detail.

PROCESS 2 - Enhancement Detail

Designed to enhance the visual appearance of bodywork and is best suited for cars previously detailed, new cars or newly restored cars that have minor paint defects.

PROCESS 3 - Correction Detail

Designed to correct major paint defects and is best suited to vehicles showing heavy swirl marks or light scratches.

PROCESS 4 - Signature Detail

Designed for those cars where the car is required to be detailed in areas seen or unseen to a trophy level of finish.

PROCESS 5 - Concours D'Elegance

A "Bespoke Service" designed and tailored to each Classic, Super or Hyper car's needs.

PROCESS 6 - Event Support

A "Bespoke Service" designed for client's needs to support at Concours D'Elegance or other Car Events or simply at a location where car is located.

Exceptional levels of detailing

At Lux Classics, we offer an extensive range of detailing services. With the use of industry-leading products, experience and passion, we can enhance the visual appearance of a vehicle way beyond factory standards, and protect it against the effects of road grime, UV light and environmental contaminants.

Lc Gyeon Graphic
Lc Gyeon Product Image

GYEON Certified Detailer

Detailing a car to its full unsurpassable potential requires the use of the most innovative technology. As a Gyeon Certified Detailer, the products we use are all individually formulated, scientifically-tested and manufactured in Gyeon’s own laboratory. Each product has a specific application, providing a thick, hard, self-cleaning and hydrophobic finish to exterior surfaces, with Gyeon interior dressings providing excellent protection with anti-static and UV protection qualities for all interior materials.

Ceramic coatings and PPF

According to the level of protection required, we offer a wide range of Gyeon ceramic coatings (a superior and more permanent alternative to wax). The coating will create an exceptionally durable, glossy and water-repellent ‘shell’ to protect a vehicle’s paint. Wheel rims, glass and trim can all be treated too, and depending on the type of coating applied, protection can last up to 5 years, with warranties also available.

As an alternative to ceramic coatings, we can apply a Gyeon self-healing Paint Protection Film to enhance paint colour, boost gloss and provide increased protection against the impact of road debris.

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Lc Gyeon Panel Image

Benefits of Gyeon’s ceramic coatings

Glass Gloss retention

UV Protection against UV damage

Elements Protects against the elements

Cleaning Self-cleaning properties

Water Water repellency


LuxDetailing operate from our brand new purpose-built facility in Chelmsford, Essex, UK, near Stansted Airport and within easy reach of Central London. We can take care of your Classic, Super, Modern Super, or Prestige car’s maintenance detailing to provide stunning visual results.

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